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Free Hosting

Owning a website is so vital these days, that you can't help but want to develop one for yourself. Want to build a personal online portal? Or a site that you can make some cash with? Still, you do not actually want to pay a single penny for it yet? Yes, there is a solution, and its name is free web hosting.

Why is the Free Website Hosting Service Free?

Cost-free hosting solutions are delivered by hosting distributors, which realize that not all users can afford to spend funds on a web site hosting account. These hosting distributors, however, are not charity foundations, so banner adverts are normally put at the top or at the bottom of your site so they can cover the expenses related to the provision of the free-of-cost hosting service. When you are building just a personal web page, or a web portal with links and with even more ads on it than those placed by the free hosting packages provider, you can't really moan.

Restrictions of the Free-of-Cost Web Hosting Service

If you are availing of a charge-free web hosting service, there naturally are more restrictions than if you were paying for the hosting service. The disk drive storage space and monthly traffic quotas, for instance, are typically quite insufficient, and with certain free hosting vendors, you cannot create databases. Frequently there is no e-mail service available in order to thwart spammers from violating the service.

What if the Free Web Hosting Service is Insufficient?

If you feel that you have outgrown your cost-free web site hosting account, or you have grown fed up with looking at adverts on your web page, you can upgrade your free-of-cost hosting account for an inconsiderable amount of cash. You can eliminate the advertisements only for an even more inconsiderable sum. One such web hosting services provider that offers you such options is FreeHostia, and they also offer reasonably priced website hosting plans to which you may upgrade if you would like to enlarge your web site and add a database, or have your own personal electronic mail aliases managed by yourself. In addiction, their website hosting packages offer additional bonuses, among them: the Elefante free PHP-based script installer, which you can resort to to easily install open-source PHP-driven scripts like WordPress, Joomla, phpBB and many others; an online web site builder; and a free domain name - with their professional Webmaster and Advanced web hosting packages. You can commence with a charge-free hosting package, but can upgrade at any moment, depending on your demands.

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