How Does Hosting Operate?

Web hosting is a set of services that renders it conceivable for a web page to go online and be accessible from any country around the globe. When you type a domain name in a browser's location bar, what you see are the web site files that are hosted on the servers of a web hosting vendor. The web hosting service also includes the possibility to create electronic mail addresses using your domain name, to create and administer databases, to configure password-shielded pages, and to trace all site visitors - what pages they paid a visit to, what search engine or web site they arrived from and in which state they were located. Other options that come with each hosting plan are FTP access, the possibility to set up custom name server records, domain parking and forwarding functionalities, and so on.

Why Do You Need Hosting?

Indisputably, owning a web portal is the fastest, simplest and most affordable way to reach a maximum number of persons. It is a way to encounter individuals with similar hobbies, to circulate viewpoints, to introduce a personal portfolio or to entice new clients. A website is online 24x7x365 and the sole fee that needs to be covered is for the hosting service itself - there are no expenses for paperwork, extra office space or more workers. Customers from any country can buy commodities and services at any moment, employers can read your portfolio if you are an entrepreneur, or if you offer services even as simple as lawn trimming. Possessing a website is an excellent way to discover new clients locally. More and more individuals research on the World Wide Web before they purchase anything, and a suitable and easy-to-memorize site name is simpler to share with friends or partners than a street address and a phone number. This information can be displayed on your web site, only a single click away.

Where Can You Find First-Rate Hosting Solutions?

Finding a hosting firm delivering affordable, reliable web hosting solutions is a wish everyone has. Yet, there still are several web hosting service providers, which come close to this description - a description, which appears unrealistic to some extent. One hosting supplier that offers an excellent mixture of cheap prices and first-class quality of the hosting solutions on offer is Exclusive Hosting. It is not very popular at present, as it builds its cloud hosting platform in-house. While other web hosting firms like HostGator, BlueHost, JustHost, etc. are simply using cPanel, having paid a license tax. They do not create anything. They are plainly offering a normal cPanel web hosting CP under their own brand name and that's all they do. Simple. These web hosting distributors are all the same. They differ by their brands chiefly. And since they do not develop anything, they concentrate on marketing only - on how to make themselves more popular than they are at the moment. Now, Exclusive Hosting is quite a different story. As the pretty elaborate cloud web hosting environment calls for a lot of stamina and time to set up (as compared to the $13.00 USD/month cPanel license tax per web hosting server), Exclusive Hosting can hardly cope with the aggressive marketing tactics applied by the cPanel-based hosting distributors. You can't be the best in every sphere of activity. You can be the best in just 1 or 2 spheres, at the most. Exclusive Hosting is definitely a good website hosting corporation. Marketing might not be the strongest side of their business, which is why they are not so famous as of now. If you are looking for any of these: hosting services, VPS solutions, semi-dedicated and dedicated server hosting services, and last but not least cheap domains and SSL certificates, we suggest you to go and get them from Exclusive Hosting. You'll be quite surprised with their web hosting Control Panel and the various widgets included there: the Domain, Email and File Managers are simply outstanding. cPanel does not include any Domain Manager whatsoever! A whole new book can be composed if these two hosting environments go under the microscope: the single-server-based cPanel solution (1) and the multiple-server-based cloud web hosting platform furnished by Exclusive Hosting (2). Let's cease here. Plenty has already been stated...

Exclusive Multi-Exclusive Enterprise
Price Per Month $2.95
per month
per month
per month
Web Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Hosting Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted Domains 1 10 Unlimited