What Does Reseller Hosting Represent?

There are many ways of gaining profit on the Internet and one of them is to resell the web hosting solutions furnished by some web hosting provider. This presents immense options for everyone who wants to make additional money. There are different types of reseller hosting solutions, depending on the reseller's degree of responsibility and, of course, on the web hosting distributor that provides the web hosting service. Prior to going into that, let's first check out

What is a reseller hosting solution?

A hosting reseller solution is a sort of web hosting account, which allows the user to create various subaccounts that can be resold to various customers. This is typically carried out by furnishing the user with access to a master web hosting reseller account, via which he can create various hosting accounts availing of the web hosting server disk drive space included in the reseller hosting plan, for which he pays a given fee. This is a lot similar to the shared hosting service and precisely like it, with most reseller web hosting programs, multiple reseller accounts share one and the same web hosting server and are not supplied with complete server root access to the server config files. Such hosting reseller programs are normally not that high-priced. Still, they do deter the resellers from promoting other forms of hosting services except shared hosting packages.

Various kinds of web hosting reseller solutions

Apart from the already mentioned mode of hosting reseller packages, there are also several other schemes that work just as good. Still, they vary with respect to the degrees of participation and the amount of resources that each of them requires. As stated above, the most popular mode of selling solutions offers you restricted alternatives and you risk losing your funds if things go wrong. That is why, bigger web hosting corporations like ResellersPanel offer alternative modes of selling hosting accounts without having to pay for anything in advance, or to even be involved in the provision of client and billing support. With their reseller hosting program, the reseller subscribes free of charge and designates his very own retail prices for the services, which are being sold directly from his web store. Because billing transactions are tackled by ResellersPanel's staff, the reseller does not have to pay for the service beforehand. He's simply going to obtain the difference between the retail and the wholesale price as a commission. The reseller also has the opportunity to deliver web hosting solutions like private virtual server web hosting packages, semi-dedicated server accounts and dedicated web hosting accounts. More or less, his duty entails popularizing the hosting service and providing support to the end users and with service providers that do not request upfront charges and handle the billing and technical support provision, the only task left for the web hosting reseller will be to advertise his personal brand's online store. Another alternative will be to create separate user accounts on a virtual server, or on a dedicated web hosting server. With most web hosting distributors, you may get those 2 web hosting services with a cPanel, DirectAdmin, or some different CP, pre-installed on them. That will allow you to set up various shared web hosting accounts and exert absolute authority over both the users and the web server itself. Also, on a dedicated web server, you may create separate VPS web hosting server accounts and resell them to your clients. One dedicated web hosting server may host 1000's of private virtual server accounts, depending on the server's capacity. This will allow you to offer a bigger assortment of web hosting services to your customers, which will offer you more alternatives when advertising your web store. Surely, utilizing a VPS server or a dedicated hosting server for hosting reseller objectives is much more expensive than using a normal web hosting reseller user account. Therefore, this option should be contemplated only on condition that the reseller has enough ability and training necessary to administer a web hosting server, otherwise it's recommendable to either register for an ordinary hosting reseller program, or for the abovementioned Free Reseller Program provided by ResellersPanel, which requires less involvement from the web hosting reseller.